Sony, Best Buy to deliver new line of audio products


Representing nearly two years of cooperation in market research and engineering efforts, Sony Electronics and Best Buy announced the new “ALTUS” audio product line. Heading up the ALTUS product lineup are two docking systems for iPod/iPhone  designed to enhance and expand your home listening experience. The premium ALT-SA31iR multi-room iPod package features three separate components: a docking station for iPod/iPhone and two high-output wireless speakers.

This multi-room package also features an AM/FM tuner and S-AIR remote commander with an LCD display. On the display, users are able to see all metadata of the streaming audio, including album, artist, and track information. Further, the ALT-SA31iR system can be used to transmit audio to all other S-AIR compatible receivers.

Sony’s AIR-SW10Ti docking system for iPod consists of a compact docking station with two built-in speakers and a wireless subwoofer. This new model has a maximum output of 60 watts RMS and includes both an infrared remote commander and FM tuner capabilities. The AIR-SW10Ti system can also be used to transmit wireless audio to compatible ALTUS and S-AIR products.

Sony is also introducing two PC audio multi-room packages as part of the ALTUS brand. The new ALT-SA32PC multi-room audio package features three components: an S-AIR transmitter that connects to your PC (via USB input) and two high-output wireless speakers. The USB transmitter streams audio wirelessly from the connected PC to the two included speakers for a simple multi-room solution.

The ALT-A33PC package has an identical USB S-AIR transmitter, but includes a universal receiver that can connect to a variety of audio products with its analog audio inputs. This enables users to stream music wirelessly from their computer to most existing music systems.

Both packages include music management software that has the ability to tap into existing playlists on your computer in programs like iTunes and Windows Media Player. Additionally, this software facilitates the creation of new music “channels” using the digital music library of a connected PC. Each of these two PC systems is compatible with the entire ALTUS family of products as well as all of Sony’s S-AIR accessories.

For those looking to expand their ALTUS audio system with small, compact speakers, Sony is introducing the ALT-SA34R Socket Speaker Package. This ALTUS product is compatible with all S-AIR enabled transmitters and features two small, S-AIR wireless speakers that plug directly into any power outlet in the home. The speaker system also includes an S-AIR remote commander highlighted by an LCD display for viewing music metadata.