SoundField Is Sold To RØDE’s Parent


A surround-sound recording brand has been added to the offerings of an audio technology company preparing to celebrate its Golden Anniversary.

SoundField has been acquired from TSL Products by The Freedman Electronics Group, home to pro audio brands RØDE Microphones, Event Electronics and Aphex.

RØDE Founder and Managing Director Peter Freedman will now oversee all of SoundField’s business operations, including its current product line and all intellectual property associated with the brand.

SoundField’s existing product line will continue, with support services and warranty for SoundField products to be handled through the new entity.

TSL Products will retain the upmix/downmix processing product range, which will be rebranded by Freedman.

“I’m extremely excited we have added the SoundField product line to the Group,” Freedman said. “RØDE is a power player in studio and live microphones and the world’s market leader in on-camera mics, so adding a product line like SoundField – with its unique surround sound microphones and applications – to our portfolio is a real step for the Freedman Electronics Group.”

SoundField first popularized 360-degree surround sound – or ambisonic – audio capture technology in 1978.

Today, the range includes innovative ambisonic microphones, and systems/apps for broadcast, music and location recording.

“The applications for cinema, home theatre, music, gaming and, crucially, the rapidly growing Virtual Reality medium are astounding,” Freedman said. “SoundField created the technologies that are now benchmark equipment for capturing responsive atmosphere and a stunning sonic world. Oculus Rift, Playstation, Google, Samsung, HTC, and even Facebook are all exploring and expanding their immersive VR experiences. But, to quote George Lucas, ‘Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience.’ SoundField and RØDE will lead the way with immersive audio capture.”

With the acquisition, TSL Products Product Director Pieter Schillebeeckx will join Freedman as New Product Development Director, beginning in January 2017. He has been working on the SoundField technologies for 16 years.