South Central donates a Nashville Class A TV


LPTVEvangel World Prayer Center of Kentucky will be the recipient of the largesse of J.P. Engelbrecht’s South Central Communications, with WJDE-LD Nashville TN as the prize. SCC may not be accepting any cash for the station, but it will likely be sharing news the charitable donation with the appropriate tax authorities.

The station broadcasts on Channel 31.

A freshly-executed appraisal of the facility was performed by Patrick Communications 10/2/12, and it pegged the station’s value at $238,639.

With incentive spectrum auctions and channel repacking in television’s near future, the Class A status of the station likely figures into that value.

EWPC is headed by Robert W. Rodgers. He and other members of its slate of directors hold interests in a total of seven AM, FM, TV and LPTV properties scattered in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Florida and Louisiana.