South-of-Boston AM With Heritage Calls Gets Sold


To the south of greater Boston is not only the home of the New England Patriots, but also cities such as Taunton and Middleborough Center.

It is the latter municipality that is the home of a Class D AM with an FM translator that’s now trading hands.

The AM has a call sign familiar to many longtime New England radio listeners.

In a transaction valued in total at $200,000, WVBF-AM 1530 and FM translator W259DD at 99.7 MHz are being sold.

WVBF is billed as “Hometown Talk Radio,” with local hosts including morning personality Chris Keach focused on the communities hugging WVBF’s coverage areas.

With 2 towers and 5kw, WVBF has a directional two-pattern array. The FM translator covers Tauton only.

Both are being sold by Steven J. Callahan to MRP Communications and Consulting LLC.

The deal includes WVBF’s real property at 760 County Street in Taunton.

The value of WVBF and the translators is $100,000, and the land is valued an additional $100,000.

For acquiring the radio stations, minus the land, a $5,000 escrow deposit has been made by MRP; upon execution of the Asset Purchase Agreement, a second $5,000 was made.

At closing, $90,000 cash is to be paid.

MRP is led by Marc Pacheco.