Southland bills $1B in 2008


The Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA) reports the Southland region, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, generated over $1 Billion in radio ad revenue in 2008. “While revenue was down over 12% compared to the previous year, it’s remarkable that Radio in the region was able to generate a billion dollars in revenue in a year marked by the worst quarter in consumer spending in the past 75 years,” according to Mary Beth Garber, President of the SCBA. “Los Angeles remains the #1 Radio revenue market in the world.”

“This once again demonstrates the resilience of Radio as an advertising form,” said Greg Ashlock, Chairman of the SCBA Board of Directors and President, Market Manager for Clear Channel Radio in Los Angeles. “As long as people need, use and respond to Radio, whether over the air, on their computers or on their wireless devices, Radio will work well for advertisers.”

“Remember, Radio is the only mass medium that people still use in real time. Radio’s content is not recorded for later, commercial free usage. It’s listened to live. That really works for advertisers,” observed Val Maki, Vice Chair of the SCBA Board and SVP, Market Manager for Emmis Radio in Los Angeles.

“The growing Hispanic segment relates and reacts strongly to radio stations that understand and serve their preferences,” said Michelle Hohman, SCBA Board member and SVP/Regional Manager for Univision Radio. “Don’t let anyone tell you young people don’t listen to radio. Our new youth-oriented format attracted 1.7 million listeners within a single month with young adults,” added fellow SCBA Board member Ed Krampf, SVP Market Manager for CBS Radio.

“Look at the stories on our website,” said Garber. “Radio has made small businesses into large ones. It is part of the fabric of our daily lives, especially in the car-centric Southland. Our advertisers put a billion dollars behind their belief that radio ads work.”