“Southland” first casualty of new season


“Southland” hasn’t even made its season debut, which had been pushed back, but The Hollywood Reporter broke the news Thursday night that NBC had cancelled the show. It’s apparently fallout from having “The Jay Leno Show” occupying the 10-11 pm slot Monday-Friday. The cop drama Southland was just too gritty for the 9-10 hour, with more kiddies in the audience, NBC decided.

What will happen to the six new episodes already in the can? Unknown.

Southland had been booked for 9-10 on Fridays, where NBC has been airing “Dateline.” So, Dateline will continue for the foreseeable future.

“Though I do not blame Jay Leno for global warming and everything else wrong in the world, it is certainly conceivable that NBC was worried Southland would provide noticeably less of an 18-49 lead-in than Dateline,” wrote our friend Robert Seidman at TV by the Numbers. Click here for more, plus lots of reader feedback.