Spanish nets vying for #2 title


There’s no dispute that giant Univision is still the most watched Spanish language television network in the US. But following the February Sweep, two networks are laying claim to being number two.

NBC Universal’s Telemundo says it averaged 647,000 Adults 18-49 in Monday-Friday primetime, maintaining its #2 ranking.

TeleFutura, owned by Univision Communications, says it was #2 in Adults 18-49, with an average 621,000 in primetime Monday-Sunday.

As you’ve probably noticed, TeleFutura is calculating over seven days, while it is five for Telemundo. And the two don’t agree on what constitutes primetime. TeleFutura insists that prime for Spanish television is 7-11 pm, while Telemundo uses the same 8-11 pm as English language networks for its claim to being #2 in February.

That 7-8 pm time slot is a big deal to TeleFutura because it launched, as of February 1st, the hit drama “El Capo,” which is not exactly a typical Spanish novela. Described as the most expensive TV series ever produced in Colombia, it is based on a book about a fictional drug lord who becomes wealthy and powerful, but learns that he can’t control everything about his life and his family.

That’s the short explanation of how both networks are claiming #2 status in US Spanish television. The networks offer up lots more documentation for your perusal.

Click here to read the release from Telemundo.

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