Speak now or forever reveal your info


FCCMany cable companies participated in mandated FCC research projects between 2004 and 2010. Meanwhile, people have filed to see the data under the Freedom of Information Act. The FCC is giving cable companies a chance to respond.

The FCC stated, “The Commission has received a number of requests for confidential treatment… from survey participants at the time that they submitted the data. These requests are pending.”

Since the requests are pending rather than granted or dismissed, the FCC is allowing participants to respond to FOIA requests within ten calendar days.

The FCC explained, “Survey participants who believe that the requested data contains proprietary and commercially sensitive information which should be withheld from public disclosure must include in their response a showing that meets the requirements of Sections 0.457(d) and 0.459(d). The FOIA requester will have ten calendar days from the date of receipt of a response to file a reply with the Commission.”