Spending on global warming heats up


More green is coming from green watchdogs in the battle for television airwave dominance on the climate change issue. But opponents of legislation are spending tons more in the hallways of Congress. Pro-environment spending surged enough in August to give them a lead YTD.

Supporters of legislation to suppress greenhouse gasses spent $2.9M in August according to USA Today, which is said to be $1M more than opponents. And it gives supporters of the legislation the YTD edge, $8M to $7.4M, according to numbers from the Campaign Media Analysis Group.

The spending on TV time pales in comparison to what is being spent to lobby Congress, however. And that battle is going hands down to the opponents of legislation, $82M to $9.8M.

The ads are split between those targeting specific key legislators and those trying to simply influence public opinion. Much of the attack advertising has focused on House members; more senators will likely be put in the hot seat going forward.

The Senate is expected to take up the legislation this month, so advertising expenditures are expected to heat up along side it.

RBR/TVBR observation: Proactive advertising has perhaps been almost the only way to get anybody to focus in climate change during a month when the health care issue eclipsed almost all of the other problems facing the US.