Sports talker fired for wrongful Tweet


Dispatch Broadcast Group’s/RadiOhio’s WBNS 97.1 The Fan Columbus, OH talker Scott Torgerson was first suspended after he tweeted he wished ESPN’s Desmond Howard would get fired or die has now been canned by the station.

The ESPN affiliate and the flagship station for Ohio State athletics, posted a message on Twitter on Wednesday which said, “Scott Torgerson is no longer employed by our company as of today. We appreciate his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors.’’

In response, Torgerson launched his own website and, in the first post, said he planned to file suit if his situation does not change: “My Counsel feels we have a very strong case so I will not comment,” Torgerson wrote.

Torgerson tweeted 10 days ago that he wished Howard, who played for Ohio State’s chief rival Michigan, would get fired or die so Torgerson could again watch ESPN’s College GameDay. Torgerson was suspended last week, reported The Florida Times-Union.

Torgerson later issued an apology on Twitter, saying: “My Desmond Howard tweet was a joke. I think if you listen to the show you know that. My apologies to those who took it serious.”

The apology arrived too late for Howard’s wife Rebkah, who responded to Torgerson on Twitter as well, said the story.

From Rebkah Howard’s Twitter account, @pink_funk, she said: “(thanks) for the ‘apologizes’. Are you fortunate enough to be a father? Know who didn’t get your ‘total (dead) joke’? Our daughter.”

See the Times-Union story here