Spot Trends: FOX TV


Media Monitors’ new Spot Trends this week details how FOX-TV used radio, TV and cable in the last 12 months. Since its launch on October 9, 1986, Fox has grown from an upstart part-time network to the highest-rated broadcast networks in the coveted 18–49 demographic.

There are 27 stations owned by Fox TV, consisting of 17 Fox stations and 10 MyNetworkTV (a positioning slogan) stations. There are more than 200 My(channel number)TV affiliates nationwide, many used to be part of the UPN network. And there are more than 200 stations affiliated with Fox. Fox TV only provides two hours each night of programming, with all their stations running news or syndicated programming at 10PM local time.

It makes sense that a TV company that owns Cable channels and TV stations would use those outlets to promote their own product. In the last 12 months Fox-TV ran 712,740 spots on Cable to push their shows and stations. January was their biggest month with 84,961 spots.

In the last 12 months, Fox TV ran 344,184 spots with the largest number of them in the months of May (59,789), November (54,326) and September (48,070) on the radio.

On TV, Fox ran 344,184 spots, with January, like Cable, was their biggest month with 49,213 ads.