Spotify Expands Video For Podcasters


Spotify has expanded the availability of its Video Podcasts by allowing creators in the United States, Canada and several other countries to upload their video content to Spotify through Anchor.

Spotify began rolling out video podcasts in 2020 with the introduction of several Spotify Original shows as video podcasts. In October 2021, the company soft-launched by inviting a few other creators to begin uploading their video content.

Creators will now find video podcast uploading capabilities in their Anchor dashboards.

Here are some of the features that will be included:

  • Podcast Subscriptions: Spotify Podcast Subscriptions will be available for video podcasts, empowering creators to own their monetization model by creating exclusive content, gating video, and more.
  • Integration with Riverside: Today we’re also kicking off a partnership with Riverside, the go-to platform for remote recording. The integration enables creators to record and publish video content for free with Riverside, with a quick distribution path to Spotify via Anchor.
  • Embeddable video: Now, when you embed a Video Podcast episode from Spotify, the video will play directly in the embed player wherever you placed it. It’s a great tool—whether you’re excited to share great content with friends or grow your audience.
  • Video Bulk-Replace: Bulk-replace allows Anchor creators to easily replace their existing audio episodes with video versions from an easy-to-use interface. Get ready for more time creating content, and less time editing it.
  • Video Analytics: Video-specific analytics will give creators deep insights into their videos’ performance on Spotify, enabling them to better understand their audience and publish content suited to them.
  • Interactive capabilities: Our interactive podcast features, like Polls and Q&A, will be available for Video Podcasts, so creators can connect with and get feedback directly from their listeners.
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