Spotify tops 1 million paid US subscribers


Spotify now has 5 million paid subscribers around the world, including 1 million U.S. customers, the company said 12/7 at a press event in NYC. It has 20 million active users worldwide, CNet reported CEO Daniel Ek as saying.

Ek said that the company hit 1 million U.S. paid subscribers in a year when it took others a decade to accumulate that amount. Spotify has paid $500 million to artists so far, including $250 million in the last nine months.

A new Discover feed finds the most relevant music, such as new releases and playlists from sources a user follows, as well as recommendations based on listening history.

Spotify also introduced a new “Follow” tab, which gives users music recommendations from trusted sources, shows Facebook friends and recommends the music choices of friends, artists and others. The Twitter follow function lets users see who they follow and who follows them.

See the CNet story here