Spots in St. Louis and Auto Parts/Service detailed


Media Monitors reports according to Arbitron, St. Louis, MO is the 20th largest radio marketing with a population of 2,299,000.

Last week in St. Louis, the #1 radio advertiser was the SHANE COMPANY with 708 spots. The HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #2 with 643 announcements, while U.S.CELLULAR was #3 with 642 ads. GEICO was #5 with 640 spots and VINSON MORTGAGE GROUP was locked in at #5 with 532 spots. WALMART was #6 with 442 commercials, while HOME DEPOT was in at #7 with 442 spots, as well. MCDONALD’S was #8 running 393 spots and ULTIMATE ELECTRONICS was #9 airing 378 spots. FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #10 with 347 spots.

Nationally, the #1 company advertising Automotive Parts and Services was the FORD LINCOLN MERCURY PARTS AND SERVICES with 15,875 spots. GM GOODWRENCH tightened it up at #2 running 13,644 commercials, while O’REILLY AUTO PARTS skipped into #3 airing 4,709 spots. Staying in the zone at #4 was AUTOZONE with 3,465 spots, while JUST BRAKES stopped at #5 running 2838 spots. CSK CHECKER KRAGEN SCHUCK’S MURRAY’S was #6 with 2,466 ads, while NATIONAL TIRE & BATTERY cranked up at #8 with 1,077 spots. JIFFY LUBE slipped into #9 running 1030 spots, while LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTERS rolled into #10 with 911 spots.

On the national level, GEICO was on top and #1 with 39,340 spots. #2 was HOME DEPOT with 26,218 spots, while VERIZON was #3 with 23,932 ads. The HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE is #4 with 22,405 and FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #5, up from #9 the week before, ran 18,190 spots.