Spurned religious broadcasters unhappy


Two prospective radio owner/operators are not happy that two open FM dial positions went to secular music services instead of their religious-themed formats. They are even more upset that governmental thumbs-down was juxtaposed with the recent approval of a “homegrown…porn TV network.” All we can say is we’re glad this is Canada’s problem, not ours. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is responsible for incurring the wrath, over CPs for new stations in Ottawa ON.

A Christian music station and another which wanted to offer French-language Christian programming were among applicants that lost out, as the two openings went respectively to proposals for a Soft AC and a Blues station. According to Canada.com, the religious groups were particularly incensed since a cable service called Northern Peaks, which is said to be pornographic, was recently approved.

RBR/TVBR observation: Comparing what makes it on cable to what makes it on the radio is, of course, an apples/oranges comparison. And in the US, the proposed programming would never have entered into the equation at all. And that is a good thing.