SQAD DATA now part of Media Monitors


Broadcast monitoring and verification service Media Monitors and SQAD, a media-cost forecasting company, have struck a deal to add SQAD Radio CPP data to the Media Monitors service. Media Monitors will be using CPP and CPM data from SQAD to provide an estimate of expenditure based on the radio airplay on the Media Monitors site.

Philippe Generali, Media Monitors CEO, noted they want to give clients a clearer picture of what is happening in the advertising world. With expenditure data, cost per point statistics and accurate verification, media strategists will find Media Monitors is the one-stop shop.

Neil Klar, SQAD CEO, added, “For more than 15 years we’ve been providing actual buy-based spot-radio pricing data and forecasts to over 1,500 advertising agencies, advertisers, TV and radio broadcasters. The addition of SQAD data to Media Monitors’ invaluable service will definitely advance our common goal of providing advertisers tools to maximize the ROI of every media dollar they spend.”