SQAD targets radio with data for PPM transition


SQAD Inc., whose traditional business has been selling demo-specific CPP and CPM market-by-market data to ad agencies and media buyers, has announced a new outreach program aimed at radio station managers and sales managers going through the PPM transition. SQAD tracks three billion bucks in annual radio expenditures across all Arbitron-rated markets, issuing reports monthly based on data from spot buys reported by agencies, primarily national spot business. SQAD Marketing Consultant Christine Mueller says what the company has been seeing with PPM is a lot like what it found when Nielsen converted local TV markets to Local People Meters. By the second or third quarter after PPM is introduced, the impact on cost per point (CPP) can be easily seen. The data is also used to forecast four quarters ahead, so those forward projections for Philadelphia have been moving up as historical data coming in shows that CPPs have been going up for spot buys in the market since PPM became the ratings currency. For stations who want to see the SQAD reports that agencies are using to plan and place buys, the price is 2,800 per year. It is strictly market-level data, nothing on individual stations, by 26 demos and seven dayparts. But SQAD is also posting some general trending info on the top 10 markets, all scheduled to get PPM soon (plus the embedded markets), on its website for free access – no CPP numbers, just trends.
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