SRN hosts launch nationwide petition for 2nd Amendment


Salem CommunicationsAs politicians in the White House and Congress finger-point in the aftermath of the tragic Connecticut school shootings, all Salem Radio Network nationally-syndicated talk hosts have launched a nationwide petition to protect the 2nd Amendment.

Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Janet Mefferd, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved are asking their listeners to join an effort to doing something positive to help protect the 2nd Amendment. (Each host has a live “petition link” on his/her website:

This is only the second time all of SRN’s hosts have joined forces in a project of this magnitude; the previous effort—a 2009 online petition against ObamaCare—generated over 1.3 million signatures and became the largest public policy petition ever presented to the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate.

“President Obama recently put Vice President Joe Biden in charge of drafting ‘meaningful action’ on guns,” says Tom Tradup, V.P./News & Talk Programming at SRN  “Each of our SRN hosts have differing opinions on specific aspects of American gun policy, but they are 100% united in not wanting Joe Biden and Harry Reid in charge of the agenda.”

SRN will deliver the petition signatures directly to Congress in a Washington news conference in February.


  1. Mike, tell the public you can’t blame a gun for the murderous act of an individual. You CAN blame the gun only for its effectiveness.
    The person is to blame for the execution of innocent lives. Period!

    Our society is changing for the worse. The love, belief and the fear of God dictated our behavior in the past.Now the floodgates are open, only 60% claim they are christians. Of those 60% many are weak.

    The break up of the family is the major culprit in the distruction of America. The media run by money hungry athiests and agnostics, spreading Violence through our movie theaters, televisions and video games to a degree that is dangerous. Sex, vulgarty and a host of other vices are desensitizing and affecting the minds of our youth. America’s future. America has embraced a “Culture of Death”. Americans value of human life is at rock bottom.

    Our Society is not going to get better by restricting guns to law abiding citizens. That makes no sense! Thank you for the petition.

    • I Support…………I use to say this country was going to the dogs but out of the respect for the dogs I quit saying that…..Ten years from now it will be said He is and was a muslim…………As General Patton would say Americans get your head out of your ass.WAKE UP………

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