Standing together and getting through it all


Carnegie observation: I picked up our observation from the report we did last week when Nielsen closed the doors on R&R to make the business point that all can not and is not free on the internet. No business can survive unless working partnerships are made.

Although R&R was, in some respects, a competitor, it is a shame to see the publication that Bob Wilson began so long ago come to an end.

RBR’s executive editor Jack Messmer wrote: “A lot of dedicated broadcasters and friends and colleagues worked at R&R over the years. After all, almost everyone who worked there had been in radio before they began writing about radio. Lon Helton, Walt “Baby” Love, Joel Denver, Ron Rodrigues, Gail Mitchell, Barry O’Brien and Pat Clawson, just to name a few of the people I had the privilege of working with. Like me, they’re all long gone from R&R, as is Bob Wilson.”

In 1974 when I was PD of KQV, Pittsburgh I too was P1 reporting station to Wilson’s R&R. Many PD’s reported and supported R&R because Bob was a PD and he was independent.  Back then it was a way of for us to network with one another especially if you were out of work. Technology in 1974 was a rotary telephone or more importantly getting a mention in Street Talk with your phone number.

RBR’s commitment continues to be strong because we know these difficult times will pass. R&R is not the only media report to feel the pain in this internet driven world. Many trades that are still in the print business and were weekly have dramatically cut their production schedules by as much as 30%.

On the TV side TVWeek stopped printing this week and has gone internet based business model. And Tuesday, 6/3/09 Nielsen made another round of cuts at The Hollywood Reporter which reports state was the fourth round of layoffs this year. Don’t forget Reed’s Variety, they too have seen a number of firings. So, what do you think will happen next?

In the internet world all of the trade medium that services our niche base of readers face the same problem –
 ‘Lack of ad dollar support because all in the business feel the information should be Free.’

The days of a paid circulation are gone and now all of us are depending on advertising and marketing dollars to stay in business.

What many fail to remember with reports like RBR and TVBR is that this is your voice to reach thousands in the radio and TV business – delivering the news, information, and ideas to broadcasters. That is why they opt-in to read reports like RBR. 

When a long standing report like R&R dies a piece of the radio medium dies with each of us.

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After R&R shut down I received a number of emails for RBR to continue to push on. This mail sums it up:
 “RBR/TVBR Editors, Congratulations once again on an exceedingly well put together news broadcast!!! Keep up the great work and give my best to Mr. J C for continued interest in our broadcast industry.” Regards, Dr. Bob Griffiths.

Dr. Griffith’s email is greatly appreciated, the future of the niche business reports such as RBR/TVBR are in the hands of each and every person in radio and TV today. Especially the radio and TV firms that are attempting to do business with the owners, operators, GMs, PDs, Engs and the list goes on like an American popular song.

Fact – When trades die eventually the companies looking to market their services will face the same as fate as R&R because your voice or distribution center to market your services will be gone.
R&R closing is a wake up call on the future of radio.

Reality – the radio medium will not see New companies starting up reports to replace R&R because they see no value or ROI in the radio business. They see Nielsen and the $18.5 Million price tag and that money is gone.

To be in Radio you first have to have the Passion for Radio. RBR for 26 years has had the passion and is still here to serve and help all in radio today. Yep, RBR too needs the radio industry support as RBR is independently owned.

We at RBR/TVBR aren’t owned by one of your business competitors and we’re not tied to a multi-faceted corporation. But even though we have the Passion for Radio, we still have to make a buck.

Just like you, we have a payroll to meet and bills to pay. And just like you we’re trying to persevere through the toughest economy most of us have ever seen. We intend to survive. We want to help our readers survive this downturn and we want to help our advertisers survive this downturn.

When you read RBR and TVBR, I hope you will click on the ads and give our advertisers a shot at the business when you need to buy a product or service. We’re all in this together – and we’re going to get through this together.

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To all thanks for your support in our first 26 years,
Jim Carnegie