Starbucks to Include Spotify in App, Stores


spotifylogoStarbucksSpotify and Starbucks are teaming up to offer customers music in a huge branding deal.

Specifically, Starbucks has begun playing Spotify in its 7,500 retail locations and added Spotify to the Starbucks mobile app. That allows users to save their Starbucks-curated songs to a Spotify playlist and listen to that music anywhere they go on Spotify.

The coffeemaker begins a new weekly feature this month in the Starbucks app highlighting established and new artists. Customers have begun to influence the music played in their stores by choosing from Starbucks curated playlists and creating a “Store Favorites” playlist.

This deal is in addition to Starbucks continuing to carry CDs of various artists.

RBR+TVBR asked Starbucks if it considered other audio for this arrangement, such as either broadcast radio stations or their streams. A Starbucks spokesperson tells us “the future of music is in streaming” and with this program: “Spotify’s platform enables Starbucks to bring our customers the personalized experience they’ve come to expect from Starbucks,” citing the company’s “rich music heritage and customers who are passionate about music.”

“By making more Starbucks playlists available to Spotify’s 75+ million global music fans, the brands are offering Starbucks customers and music fans a unique music experience and the opportunity to discover even more of what they love,” according to the spokesperson.