State and local Public Notice Requirements are antiquated laws


Whit AdamsonAs we experience here in Tennessee every day and for the past 200 years or more, our state and local government creates no vendor or marketplace competitive pressures by our unchanged method of “publishing” their notice requirements with no basis other than maybe the “general circulation”.  All this taxpayer money continues to change hands with the declining subscriptions of one media, having been chosen those many years ago over other media unavailable at the time.

But, you’ve got to hand it to those “press” guys and girls though; they take the potential revenue loss very serious and rise up to the occasion with those “out-of-business” cries and solid elected official endorsements when their “honey hole” is threatened. They have also done a masterful job developing their digital outreach with the broadcast industry playing catch up or not really taking any possibility of these “public’s notices” ever changing? 

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