Station fails to ease out of EAS fine


It pays to have key station equipment up and running, and backed up by proper paperwork. While you may not receive any income from such a practice, you certainly can avoid an unwanted expenditure. Such is the case at Rama Communications’ WLAA-AM Ocoee FL (near Orlando). It failed to get its EAS equipment operating while an FCC inspector was visiting, and to top it off, did not have EAS logs in its public file. The cost to the station? $16K.

RBR/TVBR observation: Rama tried to get out of the fine by stating that it fixed the problem within 10 minutes of the agent’s exit. This of course did not mitigate the lack of paperwork. But just in case you’re inclined to attempt the same argument, the FCC points out that fixing the problem is the expected course of action, not something a licensee does in order to be rewarded.