Station fined for flattened fence


KCNL-AM Carson City NV suffered the misfortune of having much of the fence around its tower blow down – and an FCC field agent happened by for an inspection before it was able to put the fence back up. But there was at least a modicum of good news for The Evans Broadcast Company, the station’s licensee.

The station uses two towers, and the fencing around both was in disrepair when the FCC agent got there. Station management was aware of the situation and had contracted for the repairs, but wet grounds had prevented the contractor from getting to the site prior to the inspection. The agent informed KCNL that it had to at least put up temporary fencing accompanied by clear warning signs, and the station did so immediately.

The agent could not excuse the lack of fencing, but in view of the station’s prompt action to make amends, suggested a fine of $5.6K, a reduction for the standard $7K assessment that goes with such a violation. The station noted that it had been trying to make amends, had a good record of compliance and was not making a lot of money in asking to have the fine thrown out. The FCC would not go that far, but did acknowledge Evans’ clean record and reduced the fine further to $3.5K.