Station hung-up with FCC fine


The manager of the Davenport Hotel and Tower, Matt S. Jensen, had a problem with ProActive Communication’s KQQB-FM, serving the Spokane WA market from Newport WA. It seems the station’s DJ Dick wanted to talk to recording artist 50 Cent. DJ Dick was urging listeners to call the hotel, get 50 Cent on the line and have him call the station. Numerous listeners did so, tying up the hotel’s business lines; additionally, 20 individuals actually appeared in person at the hotel looking for the star. The only problem? He wasn’t there. Then Jensen called the station to complain, and soon found a recording of this conversation with DJ Dick on the air, without his permission. That, of course, is a no-no. Station management said it had no knowledge of DJ Dick’s stunt, nor did it condone the stunt or the airing of the call. That, however, does not get the station out of the $4K fine for the unauthorized phone call broadcast.

RBR/TVBR observation: KQQB is lucky the FCC claims no jurisdiction over DJ Dick’s disruption of the hotel’s business. We do not suppose KQQB would enjoy a rash of prank phone calls and an office invasion consisting of citizens sent on a wild goose chase by some other Spokane-based business. We sincerely doubt the station will succeed by making a public nuisance of itself.