Station sixpack solidified in Charleston SC


Kirkman Broadcasting Inc. is already operating a six-station cluster in the Charleston SC market, but at the moment, it is the owner of only four of them. However, that will change once it closes on the acquisition of a pair of FMs it currently is running via LMAs.

The resulting cluster is oddly configured – you’d be hard pressed to find many other local radio groups with four AMs and only two FMs, but that is what KBI, headed by Guilford M. Kirkman Jr., has to work with.

The stations are coming from Thomas B. Daniels. He’ll receive $1.4M cash for WJNI-FM Ladson SC, and $1.1M cash for WWIK-FM McClellanville SC, bringing the total value of the deal to $2.5M. The LMA under which they’ve been operated by KBI dates back to 8/1/09.

Kirkman’s AMs include WQSC and WQNT, both licensed to Charleston; WTMZ Dorchester Terrace-Brentwood and WJKB Moncks Corner.