Station trading: Noncom Nashville FM; Raleigh debt deal


$3.35M WFCL-FM Nashville TN from Vanderbilt Student Communications Inc. (Marc J. Hetherington) to Nashville Public Radio (Robert Gordon et al). $300K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Second escrow payment of $150K was provided for if not 6/7/11 contract not closed by one year anniversary. LMA 6/8/11. Duopoly with WPLN AM-FM. [FCC file date 8/9/12]

$1.45M WETC-AM Raleigh-Durham NC (Wendell-Zebulon NC) from Prieto Broadcasting Inc. (Filiberto Prieto) to Sanchez Broadcasting Corporation (Marta O. Sanchez). Debt forgiveness. LMA until closing. [FCC file date 8/10/12]