Stations Adding Social Media to News Operations


rtndfBroadcasters are making a serious attempt to incorporate digital elements into the mix, and this is particularly true of news departments. An RTDNA survey shows a high degree of activity to upgrade social media presence.

Almost three quarters of all television news departments have upgraded within the past year.

Radio is moving a bit slower, but still, 42.9% reported doing something new with social media. The TV number is 72.4%.

Among the strategic steps being taken:
* Adding a social media desk
* Committing full time employees to maintaining a contant social media presence
* Tasking groups of employees with maintain a constant presence
* Getting rid of auto-posting practices
* Crafting material to specific social media platforms

RTDNA stated, “Mobile development has slowed from last year, but where stations are growing, they are developing apps that focus on weather and streaming video for news stories, newscasts and live events. Television stations have led the move in apps with an average of nearly two apps per station, with radio catching up.”