Stations missed Chase Utley’s F-Bomb in Philly


Chase Utley, World Series Champs Philadelphia Phillies second baseman, dropped of the F-bomb Friday on live TV and radio in that market. After proclaiming "World champions!" at the Phillies’ celebration at Citizens Bank Park, Utley leaned into the mic and said, "World f-ing champions."

The crowd loved it, but, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer story, anchors from WCAU-TV NBC10, WPVI-TV 6ABC and WTFX-TV Fox29 issued on-air apologies almost immediately. KYW-TV CBS3’s came later. Despite having used a tape delay of several seconds, the word made it onto their air.

Fox 29’s video of “World f-in’ Champions”

"The technician hit the button, but missed by a hair," a station spokeswoman told the paper. "We apologize to our viewers that this aired despite our precautions." Sister station KYW Newsradio also apologized to its listeners.
Utley said he hadn’t planned the comment. "I was told I had to talk 10 minutes before I talked. Short and to the point," the story said.

RBR/TVBR observation: We doubt the FCC would go after so many broadcasters in the market for what was likely an unavoidable slip. Fact is, they almost caught it. And let’s face it—this is a little different than showing live nudity at a SuperBowl. While it didn’t work this time, the system is in place for this kind of surprise.