Stations Swapped in Santa Fe


Trade-swapTwo radio operators with interests in Albuquerque are entering into a cash-free like-kind exchange involving FM stations in the vicinity of nearby Santa Fe. This type of transaction, of course, gives the tax collector a holiday whether wanted or not.

The stations are KLBU-FM Pecos NM and KKIM-FM Santa Fe NM.

KLBU-FM is going from Hutton Broadcasting LLC, headed by Managing Member Edward B. Hutton Jr., to AGM Nevada LLC, owned 50-50 by Managing Member L. Rogers Brandon and Anthony S. Brandon.

KLBU-FM is a Class C3 on 102.9 MHz with 3.7 kW @ 686’. It will have tangential overlap with two AGM stations, KABG-FM and KAGM-FM, both licensed to Los Alamos NM.

KKIM-FM is going the other way, from AGM to Hutton.

KKIM-FM is a Class C1 on 94.7 MHz with 100 kW @ 797’. KIM-FM will form a cluster with KTRC-AM & KVSF-AM Santa Fe NM, and KVSF-FM Pecos NM.

Each party retains all intellectual and intangible property, and each will sublet its current antenna space to the other.