Step forward for Tennessee radio company


R&F Communications is operating a small Country AM station to the west of Nashville, and now it has a deal filed with the FCC to add another to the east of Music City.

The company is R&F Communications Inc., the owner and operator of WDKN-AM Dickson TN. It’s headed by Lori and Kenneth Forte.

The station it’s planning to buy is WTNK-AM Hartsville TN. The seller is Lisa Frank.

The price will be $191K cash.

WTNK is all but a daytimer, a Class D on 1090 kHz with 1 kW-D and a scant 2 W-N. It’s primary contour approaches but does not make it to Nashville, and at night it is strictly a Hartsville signal.

The station, which goes by the moniker “Tennessee Country” is bolstered by an FM translator, but it too is strictly a Hartsville signal.

WDKN is known as “Dickson’s Hometown Station” and also plays Country. It’s a Class D on 1260 kHz with 5 kW-D, 18 W-N, ND. It’s primary signal gets close to Nashville, and according to a
duopoly showing submitted to the FCC, it is considered to be part of the market while WTNK is not. There is no primary overlap between the two stations.

R&F is scheduled to begin an LMA with WTNK 6/1/12.