Stern “Wack Packer” nabbed at Madoff sentencing


The Smoking Gun has posted a court order issued after Ivy Silberstein was apprehended using a recording device during the sentencing of swindler Bernie Madoff. Recording in federal court proceedings is prohibited.

Silberstein, known as “Ivy Supersonic” on the Stern show broadcast by Sirius XM, had her recording device taken away by the Federal Protective Service (FPS) and she was issued a summons. The order by US District Judge Denny Chin says the FPS may return the device to Silberstein, but only after making a copy and then deleting the courtroom recording. The copy is being kept in the event that Silberstein wants to assert any claims to it. But if she does so, the order notes, that means more court proceedings.

Earlier this month Silberstein pleaded guilty to harassment for jamming a nightclub’s locks with glue and to identity theft for using her stepmother’s credit card without permission. The 42-year-old was ordered to do 20 days of community service, take an anger management class and pay $4,500 restitution.

As for her run-in with the court guards at the Madoff sentencing, you can read the judge’s order on the Smoking Gun website.