Steve Jobs unveils iCloud


Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple’s highly anticipated iCloud storage service at the company’s annual developers’ conference in San Francisco. The new Apple service, which industry watchers have been buzzing about for some time, wirelessly stores and syncs a person’s information, photos, music, and applications across all Apple devices.

“We’re going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device,” Jobs said. “Keeping mobile phones, laptops, and tablets in sync is driving us crazy.”

Apple’s solution is to move the center of digital life from the tangible gadget to the intangible cloud—iCloud. For example, take a picture with your iPhone and watch it automatically pop up on your iPad or MacBook. Same goes for contacts, calendar appointments, and other kinds of content.

The free service (which will ship with the newest OS this fall) also extends to iTunes. Music purchased through iTunes on one device will automatically download on up to 10 other Apple devices.