Stevens may face final vote in Senate


Ted Stevens (R-AK) won 63% of the vote in last week’s Alaska primary, earning the right to run for a 7th full term in the US Senate, where he has temporarily stepped down as chair of the Commerce Committee while fighting an indictment for failure to report $250K in goods and services received.

If convicted, according to the Associated Press, he may still have his name on the ballot for his November face-off v. Mark Begich (D-AK). If he wins that, reclaiming his seat in the Senate would still not be a sure thing, although he will only need 34% of a vote among his Senate colleagues, who would have the option of expelling him with a two-thirds vote.

Stevens is not dwelling on this possibility, which hasn’t happened since 1862 – he says he intends to win both his court case and his election contest.