Stocking Up in Wyoming


SoldWestern Wyoming Radio Inc. will continue on as a going concern in the aftermath of a transaction just filed with the FCC. However, the ownership of WWR will be changing.

The company owns KRSV AM-FM Afton WY.

The seller is the Jerry and Jennie Hansen Family Trust (100% to 0%).

The buyer is Dan Dockstader (0% to 100%)

The price is $900,000. $600,000 of the total will be paid under terms of a 15 year promissory note calling for monthly payments of $4,589.96.

KRSV-AM is a Class B on 1210 kHz with 5 kW-D, 250 W-N, ND.

KRSV-FM is a Class A on 98.7 Hz with3 kW @ -268’.

The stations serve unrated territory south of Jackson WY.

KRSV-AM will have overlap with KJNT-AM (acquisition said to be pending), provided an application for a minor modification of KJNT receives FCC approval.