Stocks get third month of gains


Stocks on Friday notched a third month of gains that have largely priced in another round of easing by the Fed and policy action in Europe to address its debt crisis. After a 151-point climb, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 90.13 points, or 0.7%, to 13,090.84, giving it a 0.6% August gain and a 0.5% decline on the week. The Emmis court win was great news for the stock.

The RBR Radio Index was up 7.690, or 2.0%, to 389.163.

The TVBR Television Index was up .819, or .3%, to 271.967.

Emmis, up 24.4%
Saga, up 5.7%
LIN TV, up 2.8%

Beasley, down 4.6%
SBS, down 3.2%
Radio One, down 2.9%

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