Stocks mostly flat; Dow adds 2.7 points


Stocks gave up most gains by the close of trading Tuesday, after a late-day reversal following a report from the Financial Times that Greece was seeking a two-year extension of its latest austerity program. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up 2.71 points, or 0.02%, at 13,172.14. Broadcast stocks didn’t fare so well.

The RBR Radio Index was down 4.935, or 1.3%, to 379.504.

The TVBR Television Index was down 6.386, or 2.4%, to 257.914.

CC Media, up 13.3%
Beasley, up 2.9%
Nexstar, up .9%

ACME, down 8.2%
SBS, down 11.8%
Dial Global, down 6.6%

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