Stocks rally; S&P, Dow rise most in 7 weeks


Stocks finished Thursday with best gains in seven weeks as investors welcomed a larger-than-expected drop in weekly jobless claims and upbeat earnings from companies including Disney. Thursday’s jobless claims data set an optimistic tone for Friday’s non-farm payrolls report due in the AM. The Dow closed near session highs, adding 188.23 points, or 1.2% to 15,628.46.

The RBR Radio Index was down .948, or .1%, to 877.103.

The TVBR Television Index was up 11.614, or 1.48%, to 798.374.

CC Media, up 6.9%
Gray, up 5.2%
Sinclair, up 3.1%

Saga, down 10.5%
SBS, down 2.0%
LIN TV, down 1.8%