StorerTV partners with Rights Tracker


StorerTV, a US-based media program and contract management software provider, and UK-based rights management system developer, Rights Tracker, aim have become a global resource for all media content and rights management solutions. 

Rights Tracker provides content owners, distributers and producers with a suite of web-based applications for managing titles and licenses, international sales, royalties, contributor rights, inventories, forecasting and reporting.

StorerTV’s core product, the Storer Information Management System (SIMS), is a leading back-office software package for broadcasters and cable operations to schedule programs, monitor the rights of acquired programs, and manage program financials like amortization and forecasting. Rights Tracker allows content producers and distributers similar abilities using an intuitive web-based platform available on three tier levels: Rights Tracker Enterprise, a customized solution for large-scale companies; Rights Tracker Express, an “out-of-the-box” application; and Rights Tracker Producer, a slimmed down version of Rights Tracker that can be upgraded as required.

StorerTV COO, Jay Batista says the ability to offer a program management system like SIMS along with an intellectual property management system “opens the door for all media companies, including broadcasters, distributers, aggregators, production houses and advertisers, to manage the rights of their content on any platform, in any country, in any language, package, or format.”