Streaming media delivers high school football to troops in Iraq


Streaming solutions provider Abacast recently delivered a live high school football audio stream from WHVO-AM Hopkinsville, KY to troops stationed in Iraq. WHVO is part of Ham Broadcasting and serves counties in Kentucky and Tennessee. Locally Fort Campbell, home to the 101st airborne division, happens to have about 7,000 troops deployed all over the world at this time. In an effort to keep the community close and connected, WHVO decided to broadcast all Fort Campbell High School Football games online in addition to their on-air broadcast making the games available to the Fort Campbell troops that are stationed outside of the area.  Said WHVO Group GM Beth Mann: "Many of the troops have children playing football, playing in the band, or otherwise involved," Mann says. "Since current service men and women are facing a 15 month deployment, this is something we are uniquely qualified to do for our troops to show them our support and the support of the Hopkinsville community." Games can be heard via the internet at They play live and are archived.