Stringr Sews Up Getty Deal For Expanded Video Footage


Does your media organization buy video footage from both amateur and professional videographers?

Is it looking for an efficient, streamlined process?

Stringr may have just what you seek.

Stringr has forged a partnership with Getty Images, allowing Stringr customers to access its collection of more than 200 million digital assets.

“Getty Images is known to be one of the most trusted and esteemed sources of visual content in the world,” said Lindsay Stewart, CEO and Founder of Stringr. “By offering our customer base access to their vast collection of content that covers all categories – news, sport and entertainment – we are continuing our goal of providing an end-to-solution to easily and quickly source, edit and publish content.”

Getty Images Director of Video Content Development Lee Shoulders added, “Our mission to ensure that media outlets are best equipped with premium video content makes Stringr a perfect partner in improving editorial workflows.”

Stringr bills itself as a comprehensive video marketplace that enables media professionals, organizations and broadcasters to source custom footage, edit and publish — under very tight deadlines.