Study evaluates consumer recall of URLs, phone numbers in radio ads


A recent study suggests that businesses advertising on the radio need to be more competitive with their message in order to get the most out of their ad dollars.  Infosurv, Inc. recently completed gathering data for the first research study to evaluate consumer recall of phone numbers vs. web site addresses in radio ads, and their online behaviors once on an advertiser’s website.

Results suggest that in radio ad, consumers have a 33 – 86% higher recall rate of vanity phone numbers than they do of an advertiser’s URL.  And, an overall 45% higher recall of the memorable phone numbers than URLs in various traditional advertising formats, including radio, outdoor, and print. Key findings:

*   45% Higher Recall Rate of Vanity 800 Numbers over URLs.  After viewing and listening to sample ads, consumers have significantly higher recall of vanity 800 numbers vs. web addresses.

*   As Many as 40% Cite “Research the Competition” as their First Step After Visiting an Advertiser’s Web Site.  An examination of ads covering multiple industries (auto, home improvement, health care, post-secondary education) reveals that 17 – 40% of consumers will research the competition as their first step once they move on from an advertiser’s web site. Less than 10% would communicate with the advertiser as their first step once on their web site.

*   Advertisers Will Benefit by Providing Both a URL and a Vanity 800 Number in Ads. Based on recall rates and consumers proclivity to first research an advertiser’s competition, it is essential for companies to include a memorable phone number in addition to their URL in advertising campaigns for optimal lead generation.