Study finds reduction in youth-directed magazine alcohol ads


The Center for Alcohol Marketing and Youth, a staunch critic of alcohol marketing that is placed in media with a high concentration of youthful users, found that exposure levels in magazines declined between 2001 and 2008. One member of the spirits community says it shows that self-regulation is working.

According to the study, underage exposures dropped 48% during the period studied, and for magazines with underage circulation comprised by an under-21 audience greater than 30%, alcohol advertising has become virtually non-existent.

“This study conducted by CAMY – one of the most outspoken opponents of the beverage alcohol industry in this country – confirmed what we already know to be true: self regulation works and fewer people underage are being exposed to alcohol advertising today than ever before,” commented Diageo EVP Guy L. Smith.

Smith continued, “Underage drinking is a complex problem, and one that cannot be cured – or caused – by advertising. At Diageo, we have zero tolerance for underage drinking, and that’s why we abide by one of the most stringent marketing codes in the industry. If we have any chance of ending underage drinking – and I believe we do – we all need to work collaboratively toward a solution-oriented approach. Research has conclusively proven that the most effective deterrent to underage drinking is parents talking with their children about alcohol.”

The most recent CAMY study for television-placed alcohol advertising is now over two years old.