Study reveals the smart place to place smartphone ads


BIGresearch unit Prosper Mobile Insights has polled consumers to learn what kind of advertising has a chance to sink in when they are engaged with a smartphone or tablet. It turns out the place to be is not on streamed episodic video programming, and it is not on game applications. It turns out that smart advertisers want to be on the smartphone when the user is simply surfing the web.

Only 19% or so pay attention to advertising while gaming, and just over half say they never do, and the numbers for people watching a full program episode are worse – the attention payers just top 13% and the ignorers make up almost 53%.

But web surfers are different. Fully 35% pay attention to the ads regularly, and another 37.4% occasionally pay attention, giving advertisers potential access to almost three quarters of smartphone users.
Here are the stats:

Paying Full Attention to Advertisements on a Smartphone or Tablet

While Playing Games
Regularly: 19.2%
Occasionally: 30.5%
Never: 50.2%

While Watching Video Clips
Regularly: 15.3%
Occasionally: 42.9%
Never: 41.9%

While Watching Full TV Episodes
Regularly: 13.3%
Occasionally: 34.0%
Never: 52.7%

While Downloading Apps/Music/Etc
Regularly: 19.7%
Occasionally: 39.9%
Never: 40.4%

While Surfing the Web
Regularly: 35.0%
Occasionally: 37.4%
Never: 27.6%

Prosper adds that 10.8% of respondents say the are regularly influenced by ads seen on their smartphone or tablet and another 40.9% are occasionally influenced.