Summertime Video Trends, Courtesy Of VAB


Broadcast television’s ad-focused industry association, the VAB, recently released an analysis of how people stay connected to ad-supported video across devices and in cinemas throughout the summer months.

We reviewed the report, Summer Forecast: Heating Up with Premium Multiscreen Video, and took note of some of its key takeaways.

Summer TV Trends 

  • 95% of P18+ watch ad-supported TV during the summer
  • 66% of P18+ believe TV is a good escape
  • 76% of P18+ go to the cinema throughout the year, with a skew towards major summertime theatrical releases
  • Even with the growth in streaming, TV represents almost 80% of total P18+ video consumption during the summer
  • People spend more time with TV than Radio during every hour of the day
  • Average monthly summer reach for P13-17 (86%) & P18-24 (79%) is steady vs. other time periods throughout the year
  • On average, monthly time spent with ad-supported TV at the HH level is only 4% lower during summer months
  • People typically watch more TV on holidays: for instance, teens watch 33 more minutes of TV on Memorial Day than average
  • 90% of P18-24 watch ad-supported TV viewing, and 88% of P25-34 is done “live” which is on par with the rest of the year

Summer Mobile and Social Behavior

  • Ad-supported TV grew their summertime unique mobile reach by +5% against P18+ and +11% against P50+ YoY
  • Total time spent on mobile with ad-supported TV brands increased +17% for P18+, +11% for P18-49 and +26% for P50+ YoY
  • In any given minute, the ad-supported multiscreen TV P18-34 audience is 6x larger than Facebook and 60% larger than YouTube
  • Ad-supported TV accounted for 68% of the top 10 trending Twitter topics during key summer holiday time periods
  • 45 ad-supported TV programs trended across the three holiday periods: Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th, Labor Day Weekend

Summer Cinema Trends

  • Summer cinema admissions were up +17% overall: +39% for teens, +9% for P18-49 and +83% for P55+
  • Cinema is a much more millennial-targeted platform than online: 46% of summer movie-goers vs. 33% of internet users are Millennial

To view the entire VAB report, please click here:

VAB Summer Forecast – Public

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