Sun Broadcast Group adds Jelli ad platform


sbg / Sun Broadcast Group, Inc.Sun Broadcast Group CEO Jason Bailey says the company is investing in the deployment of Jelli’s cloud-based ad platform across its network that will make it easier and faster to buy and run radio ads. The change will start immediately across all of Sun’s Hispanic products including CNN en Español, Fox Deportes, AccuWeather en Español and its national Latino Advantage network. Sun Hispanic content partner, Stardome Media Group, has also committed to the change.

The rollout will begin in early 2014.

Sun has agreed to finance equipment and installation costs for each affiliate they service. They’ve also been working with Jelli’s team of engineers to enhance the ad platform and include delivery of short-form content and features, allowing for real time measurement of sponsorships and integrated product placement in addition to relieving local affiliate workload in scheduling and running network content and ads.

“Providing a cloud-based ad platform and giving broadcast networks an easy and fast way to buy and run radio ads is super important, and now Sun can automate its broadcast radio advertising removing the hassles that come with the old-school method of running broadcast ads,” said Michael Dougherty, Jelli co-founder and co-CEO.  “Our deal with Sun and the team’s deployment of our ad platform to increase accountability, measurability and transparency for its network will help bring the radio advertising business firmly into the 21st Century.”

“I have been asking leaders large and small to stand with me and implement true change in how we conduct business across our industry,” said Bailey. “Radio has been living in the dark ages when it comes to accountability. We’re being eaten alive by the real time metrics of digital audio competitors and our best answer, RADAR, still requires busy planners and buyers to go back months after a campaign to see what should have run.”

RBR-TVBR observation: The real test is whether the media buyers will link up with the system on their end, but either way, the ease and immediacy of internet ad buying and its accountability has been something buyers have been clamoring for. Some have come and some have gone, but the more vehicles in place for radio ads to be bought and sold in the 21st century, the better for our industry.