Sunny 1550 flipping to Vancouver's Talk Station


Pamplin Media Group’s Adult Standards “Sunny 1550” (KKOV, formally KKAD) flips on Monday, 4/4 to be the New “AM 1550, Vancouver’s Talk Station.” The new 24/7 Talk format will be complimented by Salem Radio Network live programming, weekdays from 3a-6p PT.

The weekday lineup will include Salem’s Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.  The station will also have programming from Westwood One, Radio America, Premiere and United Stations. With the new format, also comes a new website that will be complete in the coming weeks at

Dennis Glasgow, PD, gave RBR-TVBR the complete new proposed schedule:

12a – 3a Best of Phil Valentine Recorded  Syndication – WW1
3a – 6a Bill Bennett    Live   Syndicated – SRN
6a – 9a Mike Gallagher   Live   Syndicated – SRN
9a – 12p Dennis Prager  Live   Syndicated – SRN
12p – 3p Michael Medved  Live   Syndicated – SRN
3p – 6p  Hugh Hewitt   Live   Syndication – SRN
6p – 9p  Mike Gallagher Reply Recorded  Syndication – SRN 
9p – 12a Doug Urbanski  Recorded  Syndicated – WW1

Tuesday – Friday
12a – 3a Jim Bohannon   Recorded  Syndicated – WW1
3a – 6a  Bill Bennett   Live   Syndicated – SRN
6a – 9a  Mike Gallagher   Live   Syndicated – SRN
9a – 12p Dennis Prager  Live   Syndicated – SRN
12p – 3p Michael Medved Live   Syndicated – SRN
3p – 6p   Hugh Hewitt  Live   Syndication – SRN
6p – 9p  Mike Gallagher Reply Recorded  Syndication – SRN  
9p – 12a Doug Urbanski  Recorded  Syndicated – WW1
12a – 3a Jim Bohannon   Recorded Syndication – WW1
3a – 6a  Best of Mike Gallagher  Recorded Syndication – SRNl
6a – 9a  At Home w/Garry Sullivan Live  Syndication – Premiere
9a –11a  The Garden Rebel  Recorded Syndication – Radio America 
11a – 1p National Geographic Radio Recoded United Stations Radio
1p – 2p  What’s Cooking   Recorded Syndication – Radio America  
2p – 4p  Jill on Money   Recorded Syndication – Dial Global
4p – 5p  Steve Dale’s Pet World  Recorded Syndication – Radio America
5p – 7p  Dr. Bob Martin   Recorded Syndication – Radio America
7p – 8p  Sound and Vision  Recorded Syndication – Radio America
8p – 9p   UFO Encounters  Recorded Syndication – Radio America
9p – 12a The Best of Phil Valentine  Recorded Syndication – WW1

In the market, Pamplin Media Group also O&Os AM 860 (KPAM) and is the home for First Edition with Tim Hohl and Pat Boyle, The Bob Miller Show, The Victoria Taft Show and Exclusive Oregon State Beavers Play-by-Play on AM 860, The Voice of Portland and It also owns the Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers in Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties.