Sunrise finds parking space for WLGD-FM


Grandfathering rules require that James Goodmon’s Sunrise Broadcasting find an “eligible entity” for at least one FM to be in compliance with the rules, thanks to acquisitions in the Wilmington NC market. That means WLGD-FM has to go.

This is despite the fact that it is licensed to Jacksonville NC, which gives it obvious claim to membership in the adjacent Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville market. But the two markets are close together, and despite its Greenville-related city of license, the station is considered to be a Wilmington entrant by Arbitron.

But it is not so easy to come up with an eligible entry – meaning a small or brand new broadcasting company – with the wherewithal to buy the station. So Sunrise will put the station into a trust with Tom Campbell’s Carolina Broadcasting & Publishing Inc. as trustee. CB&P will receive $3K/month plus expenses to run the station.

Sunrise’s other properties in Wilmington include a rare major-network-affiliated low power television, CBS WILM-LP, along with WMFD-AM/WILT-FM Wilmington, WKXB-FM Burgaw, WAZO-FM Southport and WSFM-FM Oak Island.