Super Bowl advertiser may split 30-second ad 10 ways


WSJ reports Weatherproof Garment Co. is hoping to use the big game’s hefty advertising price tag — about $3 million for 30 seconds — along with the recession, to draw attention to itself. Weatherproof is proposing to divvy up a single 30-second spot with nine other corporate marketers, with each company paying $300,000 for three seconds of TV time.

The small apparel company shelled out about $3,000 to run an ad in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal looking for potential partners after it sent its offer to 100 companies without finding a taker. "Attention deficit growing … Say It Short — Say It Fast!" the ad urges, above a picture of a football.

This isn’t the first time Weatherproof has dreamed up an unusual means of attracting the spotlight. Early this year, it issued a press release announcing it was going to air a two-second ad during the Super Bowl, then retracted, saying it was unable to secure the spot.

But Freddie Stollmack, Weatherproof’s president, tells WSJ the 10-way Super Bowl ad split is more than a publicity stunt, but he adds, "To ignore the possible publicity piece of this would be naive. Everything we do is for the purpose of elevating our brand."