Super Bowl XLVIII’s social media winners


Super Bowl 2014In a post-game analysis of Super Bowl XLVIII, AddThis has identified the advertisers, celebrities and key moments from the game that generated the most buzz and online consumer engagement during the game. The AddThis content engagement platform reaches over 97% of the online population in the U.S. alone.

According to the report, trends seen during Super Bowl XLVIII include:

Auto Advertisers

—    Maserati (65X and 53X) exceeded Kia (61X) and Jaguar (53X) to see the largest increase in social engagement immediately after their ads were shown.

— Maserati also saw the most social lift among all auto advertisers (2.4X) throughout Super Bowl Sunday compared to the previous six Sundays.

Food & Beverage Advertisers

—  Butterfinger (12X) edged out Chobani (11.8X) for the largest social lift among food brands immediately after its ad was shown.

— Cheerios saw (8X) lift during the game and (6.8X) throughout Sunday compared to the previous six Sundays.

— Chobani far exceeded Dannon Oikos generating 4X more social lift than Oikos during the game.

— Content about the Budweiser and Bud Light ads generated the most shares on Facebook throughout Sunday.


— Queen Latifah saw online engagement increase (15X) exceeding Red Hot Chili Peppers at (13X) and Bruno Mars at (11X) during their performances.

The Game and the Fans

—  Colorado, home of the Broncos, led the nation in online engagement during the Super Bowl. Washington State was 9th.

— The peak moment of sharing during the Super Bowl was 9:26PM ET when the Seahawks scored the final TD of the night to make the score 43-8.

— Quarterback Russell Wilson saw his online engagement increase 5X when the final plays were run.

Sharing Trends

— Overall sharing was up one percent for the Super Bowl compared to 2013.

— Sharing on mobile devices grew 67% during Super Bowl Sunday compared to a year ago led by Android, which almost doubled from 2013.

— Facebook led the way on Sunday for sharing content about the Super Bowl with a 42.9% increase.

— Pinterest was up 20% YOY beating Facebook Like, which was up 7% YOY on Super Bowl Sunday.