SurferNetwork celebrating 15 years


SurferNetwork, a streaming service provider for radio stations, announced that in 2013 they are celebrating 15 years in business. Holding patents on specialized features like ‘Instant On’ LightningStream technology and targeted ad replacement technology, SurferNetwork continues to revolutionize the industry with innovations that push the Internet broadcast industry forward.

“October 15th 2013 marks SurferNetwork’s 15th year in business, and we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion.” Bill Grywalski, President and Co-Founder of the technology company explains, “We couldn’t have done it without a steadfast commitment to pushing the technology envelope. Even more than that, we have our wonderful streaming affiliate partners to thank. Without a wide range of radio stations looking for the best customer service in the industry, we would never have made it to the 15 year mark.”

“We are not even close to finished,” continues co-founder Harry Emerson. “We have several patent pending enhancements and technology announcements planned for this year. Our goal is to continue to bring radio into the 21st century with new ways to engage and monetize their digital audience. Stay tuned this year, it’s not the last you’ll hear of us!”

SurferNetwork, founded is 1998, provides of Internet broadcasting and streaming media services to a broad spectrum of customers in radio broadcasting, education, sporting, and general commercial industries. They provide Internet broadcasters large and small with a full range of features and services for audio and video, live and on-demand.

RBR-TVBR observation: It wasn’t easy to survive the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, but SurferNetwork managed to do so. Remember any of these now-defunct streaming organizations that folded after the VC money dried up and ad sales just weren’t there yet?: Cyberradio 2000,,,,, Net Media Convergence, Agent Audio,, OnRadio, Global Media,,, Hiwire,,, and